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Suddenly something rose from the murky sludge that had just been trekked. The ground was alive! At least, any normal person would think on first notice. The muck burbled as it coalesced into some horrid mimicry of a human. Any resemblance to a human stopped there as roots started climbing up into the being, the twisting tendrils forming claws for the beast. At the beast's "head," the muck dripped and fell to form a face with jaw hanging wide open. The appearance gave it an anguished look, forever trying to emit a roar. Now that the beast was armed and given a basic shape, the magic seemed to abruptly stop. It had no need for legs, as it could surge through the very ground it was made of.

The magic that had given the beast life also gave it a signal. The Wingly was suffering from magical attacks, so go after him first. He will be easy prey.
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Stopping in Hoax had been a practice in patience and Albert was glad they were on a mission otherwise he might not have been able to extricate himself from Hoax for days. He would have to remember to go back at some point though because the commander of the fort had brought up some legitimate concerns. But that was for another time. Now they had fresh supplies that Albert had not been able to acquire in Bale without raising suspicion and objection from Minister Noishe on his leaving on yet another questionable journey, and they were on their way.

Only the bog now stood between them and Lohan, the gateway to Tiberoa. Albert had heard a few unsettling things about the bog while in Hoax, and knowing Lloyd the Wingly had heard them too, perhaps even investigated further than Albert had been able to. The most alarming of these rumors was that there was something living in the bog, something that had moved in rather recently, and made getting through the bog somewhat difficult.

"Perhaps we should have gone through the prairie," Albert mused aloud. "We would have gone a few miles out of our way but we might have been able to recruit Dart in Seles."
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It was perhaps an hour and a half later that Albert came walking down the cobbled street that led out of the city of bale. He was wrapped in a worn, green traveler's cloak and a set of armour that was clearly not ornamental if the nicks and dents were any indicator. His hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail, his crown was gone as were any other trappings of his royal station. There was a lance strapped to his back and a pouch secured to his hip. It would appear the years of peace had not effected Albert's sensibilities as to what constituted important on long trips. All in all the man looked very much like the Albert that had traveled with the Dragoons around the world some years ago and not at all like the regent that had met with Lloyd earlier.

It was growing late now, and the sun was setting in the west. An excellent time for a king to sneak out of his kingdom, no one was in the streets to witness it.
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The journey had been a long, exhausting one. Lloyd could not risk being seen in any human towns, even though most would not recognize him, much less know of involvement in the crisis that very nearly ended the world. The stakes were too high, his mission could not be compromised. Eventually, however, he made his way into Capitol City Bale, so far unseen. Sneaking up to the castle was no problem, not for someone who could fly anyway.

Hell they all probably still thought he was dead, that would play in his favor. Now he just had to wait until Albert was somewhere he could drop in unannounced, hopefully without too many guards to contend with. Or any, if he could help it. Somehow he doubted being violent would be a very good way to get the King to listen to him.
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Wink stood on the outskirts of the city of Deningrad, bundled up against the cold. It wasn't unusual for her to wander the city. As the official ambassador of Mille Seseau she had the luxury of being able to come and go as she pleased without fear of suspicion. At least she used to. It had been months since the queen had begun acting strangely, and Luanna was still missing. What would happen to her if Queen Theresa suspected deceit? Was it deceit to worry about your queen? No, but logic did not matter lately to the queen.

Wink rubbed her palms together and looked up at the clear blue sky. She hoped Lloyd would come. He had a troubling tendency to disappear off on his own without telling anyone. She always worried but usually wasn't too troubled by it. This time though, she needed to see him before he decided to leave on his own. Proud, tacit man though he was she had never had much trouble reading him, she knew it was only a matter of time before he took things into his own hands.


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