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Stopping in Hoax had been a practice in patience and Albert was glad they were on a mission otherwise he might not have been able to extricate himself from Hoax for days. He would have to remember to go back at some point though because the commander of the fort had brought up some legitimate concerns. But that was for another time. Now they had fresh supplies that Albert had not been able to acquire in Bale without raising suspicion and objection from Minister Noishe on his leaving on yet another questionable journey, and they were on their way.

Only the bog now stood between them and Lohan, the gateway to Tiberoa. Albert had heard a few unsettling things about the bog while in Hoax, and knowing Lloyd the Wingly had heard them too, perhaps even investigated further than Albert had been able to. The most alarming of these rumors was that there was something living in the bog, something that had moved in rather recently, and made getting through the bog somewhat difficult.

"Perhaps we should have gone through the prairie," Albert mused aloud. "We would have gone a few miles out of our way but we might have been able to recruit Dart in Seles."


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