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The journey had been a long, exhausting one. Lloyd could not risk being seen in any human towns, even though most would not recognize him, much less know of involvement in the crisis that very nearly ended the world. The stakes were too high, his mission could not be compromised. Eventually, however, he made his way into Capitol City Bale, so far unseen. Sneaking up to the castle was no problem, not for someone who could fly anyway.

Hell they all probably still thought he was dead, that would play in his favor. Now he just had to wait until Albert was somewhere he could drop in unannounced, hopefully without too many guards to contend with. Or any, if he could help it. Somehow he doubted being violent would be a very good way to get the King to listen to him.

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It was a beautiful day in Serdio. The sky was blue and the farmlands Albert could see from the balcony of the throne room where he sat was golden with the hay that was near ready to be harvested he reckoned. Albert sat at a small table with a small breakfast laid out before him. He liked to enjoy breakfast alone. The rest of his day would be filled with appoints and scheduled court and meals with his wife. The morning was the only time he had to himself. So he sat sipping his tea and enjoying the song of the morning birds and the flowing river just behind the palace and the wind that tugged with playful familiarity at his hair and cloak.

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There was a rather undignified snort and a slight cough signifying that the regent had just narrowly avoided drowning in his morning brew. Albert put his cup down with a little clink and blinked at the cloaked man. After a moment of consideration he spoke, "I am of that fortunate constitution which does not create hallucinations or play tricks on the mind, and while I have been informed by reliable sources that there are such things as ghosts, I do not believe the ghost of a dead man would suddenly appear in my palace with no cause, regardless of the trouble he caused there in his life. You therefore have approximately thirty seconds to tell me why you have alighted on my balcony before I call for the guard and have you forcibly removed from my presence."

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Albert laced his fingers together and touched his conjoined hands to his chin. His interest seemed piqued by Lloyd's admission, but he did not speak. Instead he silently stared at Lloyd, his expression contemplative. The seconds ticked down but he made no motion to call the guards just yet.

Finally, he lowered his hands to pick up his tea once more, "I admit I am shocked. If you were here under false pretenses I would expect a more elaborate explanation than what you've offered. Go ahead then, I will listen for now."

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Albert set down his cup again and let out a disappointed sigh, "I did expect better. If such a thing were to happen we would have had word from Miranda. At the very least such news would have come trickling out of Mille Seseau through Fueno into Tiberoa and would have reached my ears. What do you hope to gain through this deception, Lloyd? Is this some new plot to ingratiate yourself with the throne again perhaps? Those days are over, Lloyd." Albert stood and turned toward the archway that led into the throne room, "Guards!"

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Albert snatched the tiny object out of the air and opened his hand to look down at the thing in his palm. His expression darkened.

The guards trundled onto the balcony to find their king staring down at a ring in his hand. One prompted him with a hesitant, "Sire?"

Albert sat and placed the ring on the table before him. His fingers laced together once more as he contemplated it, "Minister Lloyd is somewhere in the city," he finally says to the guards. "Find him. Bring him back," He pauses for a moment. "Make sure he knows he will not be harmed. Go."

The guards salute and leave the balcony.

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When the knights returned Lloyd to the castle they took him directly to the throne room. Albert now sat upon his throne, examining the ring in his hand. He did not look up when Lloyd was brought in but motioned for the man to be released once he was before the dais upon which the throne stood. The guards stepped back but not so far as to not be able to grab Lloyd if he tried to make a break for it.

Eventually Albert looked up from the ring to the Wingly, "I am assuming that this signet was given to you and not coerced from its owner. If your story is true then these are grave tidings, but you've never been an altruist, so why do you bring me this news? What is it you want?"

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"The usual..." Albert blinked slowly. "Right..." Albert idly fiddled with the ring between his fingers, his eyes never leaving Lloyd. "So you seek counsel. Very well. Something similar to this has happened once before, if you'll recall. Once long ago you had the Princess Emille replaced with a doppleganger that looked exactly like her but acted in a completely different manner," He closed his hand around the ring and leaned forward. "But you would have thought of that already. No, you're here because that is not the case in this instance. Queen Theresa shows legitimate signs of something being very wrong and will allow no one to do anything for her. That is why there is no news, no one outside the palace knows. That is why Miranda has not contacted us, Theresa will not let her. Am I wrong?"

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"But is it magic? If nothing traumatic has happened to the queen, if no new person has entered the court and begun whispering in her ear, then there are only two options. She has either grown addled from some sickness that is otherwise undetectable, or the cause is magical. But what form of magic in this world is foreign to a Wingly?"

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Albert thought for a moment. When he spoke again his words were slow, as though he were tugging at the threads of thoughts which could not form completely in the abstract space of the human mind.

"There is a piece of the puzzle we are neglecting... Luanna. Why would she be imprisoned? If I recall correctly she has a special power she formed after the Black Monster left her blind... She can see into the soul can she not? What if she saw something in the Queen that Theresa, or someone, did not want her seeing? An outside force effecting the Queen."

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"The only way would be to find the source. Theresa will not let you near her, she would not even let Luanna near her, so we will be working blind, pardon the expression. But I believe we can safely assume it is a source from outside of the palace so we can start there."

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Albert was surprised, though he did not show it. He had expected Lloyd to resist his direct aid in the matter, but this was good. He would not have to argue with the Wingly, an act which was never boring but could be very tiring.

Albert stood and moved to the edge of the dais to look down at Lloyd, "I've sent word to Dart, he is in Seles. The others are all too far away to get word to quickly. As soon as we hear from him we should return in secret to Mille Seseau."

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"As you please," The king replied. He lifted the ring, the morning sun gleaming off the band as he did. He said nothing but dropped the ring, fully expecting Lloyd to catch it. "We will meet you directly."


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