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Wink stood on the outskirts of the city of Deningrad, bundled up against the cold. It wasn't unusual for her to wander the city. As the official ambassador of Mille Seseau she had the luxury of being able to come and go as she pleased without fear of suspicion. At least she used to. It had been months since the queen had begun acting strangely, and Luanna was still missing. What would happen to her if Queen Theresa suspected deceit? Was it deceit to worry about your queen? No, but logic did not matter lately to the queen.

Wink rubbed her palms together and looked up at the clear blue sky. She hoped Lloyd would come. He had a troubling tendency to disappear off on his own without telling anyone. She always worried but usually wasn't too troubled by it. This time though, she needed to see him before he decided to leave on his own. Proud, tacit man though he was she had never had much trouble reading him, she knew it was only a matter of time before he took things into his own hands.

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Wink knew as well as Lloyd did that this situation was not going to resolve itself. When Luanna went missing, he knew it was only a matter of time before the Queen's attention turned upon him. As such, he'd made himself more scarce than was normal. Hard to catch a man you couldn't pin down, no? However, the shift in the Queen's heart had not gone unnoticed by the wingly, and certainly she was aware of that fact.

Still, he was mindful of Wink's worry, and did not disappear completely just yet. He waited, outside of town away from the humans, until she sought him. A rustle among the trees betrayed his whereabouts as he approached. Cloaked and hooded in heavy clothing, the cold still bothered him even now. "Wink... It is dangerous for you out here, you know that." Worry? From him? Never.

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It really wasn't, she had a terrible habit of getting herself in tight situations. At least Lloyd was vigilant enough to catch most of those before they became a problem. However... since he was about to leave, she would need to watch out for herself for a while. Lloyd mulled the question over for a time, lips pursed in a thin line while he considered his options carefully. There weren't many, unfortunately.

"I will seek council of one who may best understand how to handle such a... delicate situation. Queen Theresa is not herself, certainly you have also noticed the change?"

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"Of that I have no doubt. I remain in danger so long as I linger here, as well," He reminded gently. "She knows of my power, and ever her paranoia grows." Which meant that really he was left with little choice, her eye would turn to him before long. Of course he would return, he always did, and he had little reason to stay away anymore. This had become a home to him, strangely enough.

As foreign as the idea was to the wingly. "Do not draw attention to yourself during my absence, I fear we have waited too long to address this issue. I only hope that King Albert will be able to turn aside his grudges in this time of crisis." Albert was nothing if not logical, Lloyd was hinging on that.

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Of course he did! Lloyd was a little too accustomed to throwing himself into danger it seemed, old habits die hard. And really, what choice did he have? Sending a messenger would not properly convey the gravity of the situation. No, if it was enough to bring him out of hiding, surely Albert would realize exactly how serious things were. Lloyd sighed softly, accepting the ring with some hesitation. He did like to do things his own way, but perhaps this boon would help...

"Very well. It cannot hurt to try, at the very least. She will not notice its absence?" The Queen, he meant of course. She just had to make that face didn't she? Damn it he couldn't be as cold to that face.

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Lloyd nodded, betraying a mild frown of worry. He didn't show much in the way of emotion often, it wasn't the way of winglies, but once in a while he let things slip. Leaving her behind was dangerous, but bringing her to Serdio would be even moreso. Still...

"And you, Wink." He bowed deeply to her, before wings of light sprouted from his back. Not one to draw out heartfelt goodbyes he was soon zipping into the air and disappearing from sight. Time to go see the King, and hope to Soa that he could get past the guards.


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