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It was perhaps an hour and a half later that Albert came walking down the cobbled street that led out of the city of bale. He was wrapped in a worn, green traveler's cloak and a set of armour that was clearly not ornamental if the nicks and dents were any indicator. His hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail, his crown was gone as were any other trappings of his royal station. There was a lance strapped to his back and a pouch secured to his hip. It would appear the years of peace had not effected Albert's sensibilities as to what constituted important on long trips. All in all the man looked very much like the Albert that had traveled with the Dragoons around the world some years ago and not at all like the regent that had met with Lloyd earlier.

It was growing late now, and the sun was setting in the west. An excellent time for a king to sneak out of his kingdom, no one was in the streets to witness it.

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At least he still knew how to prepare to travel. Unlike Dart and crew, Lloyd was not concerned that Albert would try to bring an unnecessary amount of useless things. He knew the King better than that, he was reasonable. And certainly the long trip across Endiness taught him that packing light was for the best. Lloyd had restocked his own supplies and was already waiting by the time Albert reached him. He paused, looking around.

"I am surprised, no red dragoon?" Good, he didn't want to deal with Dart's noise and temper.

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Lloyd couldn't help but smirk slightly, shaking his head. Mayor... right. And yet here was the King out on this mission alone. Disappointing. "I would have expected better of him. Perhaps he did not wish to admit he has misplaced his Dragoon spirit." Another smirk. Lloyd didn't know that for certain, but a Dragoon shirking their duty was highly disappointing.

Would the Divine Dragon's spirit even respond to someone like that? He didn't know. You've gone soft, Dart. "Perhaps it is for the best, his skill in subtlety leaves much to be desired." With that flashy red armor and all the noise.

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Yes, it really did make them a target, but Lloyd was tactful enough not to harp on it. He'll just be privately amused remembering how much fun it was shooting fireballs at him. They totally just had a moment, but again Lloyd would not point it out.

"We will make due with what we must," Lloyd said turning away to begin heading down the path. He nodded approvingly at the news of travel arrangements and aliases. Albert was good at thinking ahead. "I do not spend much time in human cities, I doubt my identity will prove to be a problem."

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Another reason Lloyd preferred flight, the wildlife really was annoying. Rats and spastic birds galore. He didn't have time to deal with these annoyances.

"Perhaps, but necessary regardless. Besides being a little dramatic can be entertaining, don't you think?" Don't you try to convince him otherwise, Albert. A man who wears a cape definitely has a love for the dramatic.

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Lloyd would have snickered, but again not dignified. Funny that someone as stoic as himself even enjoyed theatrics at all, but then again he did make a few grand speeches, didn't he? "For the most part I avoid human cities more for the noise than anything else." He admitted after a time. He kept his identity hidden more for safety. Winglies preferred being considered extinct, truth be told. Most, anyway. He still dreamed for a day when they no longer had to hide what they were from the world but...

That was something for another time. For now he would continue playing the part of a human.

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Lloyd was not one to fill silence with mindless banter, and was more than comfortable to continue their trip in it. It allowed him time to think, and to pay more attention to their surroundings. Endiness at night was much different than what Lloyd had long been accustomed to, but really... it was largely his doing that the moon had fallen at all. He wouldn't complain, wouldn't even bring it up unless Albert did. Eventually they would need to consider resting, but traveling for long distances without rest was something he was still very used to. Lloyd had a hard time staying in one place long.

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If Lloyd ever tired, he never displayed it. Simply waited patiently during the brief times Albert paused to rest, occasionally scouting around through the air to ensure they weren't being followed or tracked. He was dreadfully paranoid, Lloyd. When offered rations at first the man was hesitant, a gesture of kindness? Strange... all things considered especially, but eventually accepted with his thanks.

When Albert stopped he also glanced at the sky, frowning slightly. Hm, it was late, and they hadn't gone nearly far enough yet. On foot was so time consuming. "Indeed, an acceptable time to rest." Which for Lloyd really just meant finding the nearest tree and slumping under it. Okay he was a little tired, but he'd not admit it or ever make a fuss.

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Normally Lloyd would have selected higher ground, but... given his present company, that might have been rude. He didn't drag Albert out here to feed him to the wolves, so to speak, even if he knew the King more than capable of defending himself. No one would be very pleased if he went and got the man killed after all.

"Hm?" He'd appeared to be nearly about to fall asleep, but then it was hard to tell with that hood pulled so low.

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Lloyd was silent for a while, by the time he finally did speak up, Albert might have assumed he simply wasn't going to answer. Though in truth, he saw no harm in it. It was evident he was alive, might as well share the story.

"I nearly did, my wounds were grave. I had managed to teleport a short distance from the battleground but could make it no further. Sister Miranda found me some time later, she brought me back to Deningrad. I am uncertain of the details beyond that, I had used what little strength remained to teleport, and blacked out." He shrugged, honestly he owed the Sacred Sisters much. Of course he would seek to help restore their kingdom.

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"Their capacity for forgiveness is... immense," It wasn't much of an answer, he was a master at being elusive when he wanted to be. Of course his being allowed to stay was probably largely because of Wink. Still...

"You are sharp as ever, Highness." That might be a better clue.

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Pressing would get him nowhere, Lloyd wasn't very open with personal things. Hell he wasn't very open with things that were't personal.

But, rest sounded good. Both a good excuse to end the conversation, and because all this walking was exhausting. He nodded simply with a grunt, folding his arms over his chest and settling in for the night. No more words, you got all the personal information out of him that you're likely to for a while, Albert.


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